In my eight+ years of working in coffee, it's fair to say I've been on a journey.

I've worked in different coffee bars. I've made delicious coffee...I've made terrible coffee. I've competed in competitions, trained baristas, roasted coffee, worked trade shows all over the UK, collaberated with brands, ran live workshops, serviced and modifed equipment. I'm forever seeking and developing my knowledge

Here's my story...

Adam holding an employee of the month trophy in his first coffee job

Humble Beginnings!

I started out with a part time job in a popular high street coffee chain when I was 16 years old while still in secondary school after handing my CV into a Job fare

7 years later and I've been down one hell of a rabbit hole!

Quickly I grew to love my role working on the coffee machine, working through what seemed like an infinite line of orders for hours on end. Making drinks to brand standards while going fast and working efficiently with my team.

I'll be honest. I thought I was hot sh*it and that I was the best barista I personally knew

Always Learning

I decided I wanted to learn to do latte art, very very well!

With that mission I took to the internet on my quest to see if I could find any secret tips and tricks for the perfect pour. And with that I discovered more than just how to pour latte art.

I discovered I didn't really know anything at all about coffee

Enter Speciality Coffee

A passion for latte art expanded into a whole love for the entire coffee industry. Enter books, websites, YouTube...lots of YouTube.

I fully immersed myself in learning all about coffee origins, processing, roasting, cupping, brewing and pouring shapes in coffee milk.

I would venture around my newly found local "speciality coffee shops" and would pester the baristas to share their knowledge with me.

You've probably heard this story before or you can relate yourself.


Now I work as a Coffee Consultant & barista trainer helping businesses and individuals.

I also continue to make coffee content online where I make coffee tutorials like those ones I used to obsess over (and still do quite frankly). I like to make my videos relatable and funny if possible.

Additionally, working with a collection of coffee brands to help promote their products!

Alongside that I share my day-to-day carrying out barista training sessions!