Commercial Training

The Barista Skills workshop is designed to equip you & your team with the theory, practical skills and confidence to make exceptional quality drinks & take your coffee offering to the next level. Allowing you to focus on providing an exceptional hospitality experience

Duration: 2-3hrs

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  • Espresso

    • Get to know your espresso machine & grinder
    • Learn about coffee extraction with tasting exercise
    • Measure and maintain brewing variables:
    • dose, yield, time, temp, grind size etc.
    • Create a recipe and dial our coffee in to taste.
    • Prepare consistent espresso using dosing, distribution and tamping techniques
  • Milk & Latte Art

    • Good & bad milk pitchers
    • Correct picher positioning
    • Steaming milk & alt milk for silky smooth microfoam
    • Steaming milk for different coffee menu drinks
    • Three pillars of latte art behind pouring consistently high quality designs
  • Maintenance

    • Properly maintaining your coffee machine daily
    • Cleaning your grinder to ensure consistent performance
    • Looking after brewing equipment
    • Long term maintenance tasks
    • When to book a service

Additional Learning

I'll also touch on some knowledge about green coffee origins, processing & roasting science. Although not super relevant to making coffee. I believe it is massively beneficial for staff to get a greater idea of the industry as a whole

Not only that! But Afterwards, you'll receive a full recap of what we covered alongside my fully comprehensive barista bible. I'll always be around to answer more questions afterwards as well!


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I learned a lot during my 1:1 session with Adam. He is super informative, extremely knowledgeable on all things coffee and most importantly… very patient. I can’t wait to use the skills I’ve learned and to impress everyone with my latte art!

Fantastic teacher

Our team went to the Dear Green roastery to get barista training and Adam was incredible. We got a whole day of training on everything from how coffee is roasted to dialling in and latte art. He clearly really loves teaching. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about coffee. His teaching style is very fun and engaging. Everyone on the team really benefited from the training. He also came to the cafe a while later to do an audit and check up on how we’re doing. I would highly recommend him!

Bobby Bashir
Excellent coffee Trainer

Adam provided staff training at soul food kitchen .The training was great very hands on full of knowledge and very friendly.
Our staff really benefited from the training hope to have a refresher done soon.
I would highly recommend Adam

Abubakr Akhtar

Adam’s explanation on the whole method of how to make coffee is as concise and easy to understand as it gets and I have personally always learned something regarding coffee every time I meet him can’t recommend enough

Coffee and Latte Art Training

Coffee and Latte Art Training was a really positive experience with Adam! He was really thorough with his explanations and practical demonstrations, and super open to answer any and all questions we had. I felt like I wasn’t judged even though at the time my latte art was definitely subpar, but instead encouraged with enthusiasm. Truly had a blast and it definitely set me up with a steady foundation to work on my skills further. Now being able to do latte art without stress, very grateful for Adam for showing me the ropes early on 😎 Would highly recommend!