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Home Barista Skills Workshop

Home Barista Skills Workshop

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Available in person across Scotland and online!

The Home Barista Skills workshop is designed to equip you with the theory, practical skills and confidence to make cafe quality and beyond espresso-based drinks at home

Class Duration - 3hrs

Includes FREE WDT tool!

This workshop is tailored to individuals needs but generally speaking we will cover the following: 

  • Get to know your espresso machine & grinder
  • Learning about what physically is happening during coffee extraction with tasting exercise
  • Measuring and maintaining brewing variables (dose, yield, time, temp, grind size etc.) and how they all can affect extraction
  • Using those variables to create a recipe and dial our coffee in to taste. We will source a speciality coffee local to you
  • Techniques involved in preparing consistent espresso. (Dosing, distribution, tamping, workflow)
  • Get to know the best home coffee accessories for you
  • Steaming milk & if requested alt milk for silky smooth microfoam 
  • Three pillars of latte art and how to pour a basic design
  • Machine cleaning and maintenance 

    I'll also touch on some knowledge to do with green coffee origins, processing & roasting science. Although not super relevant to making coffee at home it's good to get familiar with it and improve your coffee game at home!

    Not only that! But Afterwards, you'll receive a full recap of what we covered alongside my fully comprehensive barista bible. I'll always be around to answer more questions afterwards as well!

    Online versions of the class will take place over Zoom. I'll reach out after purchase to schedule a session and send across any preparation questions. Online sessions will require you to be able to provide a video on your end so I can help you through the coffee making process and offer guidance and feedback after observing your workflow. From my end there will be a slideshow presentation which you can also keep afterwards.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Brilliant home class

    I got in touch with Adam through instagram after hitting a few problems with the dial in process. He gave me so much help just through messages, but after running into a few more issues I decided to book the class to gain more confidence. Adam answered all my questions and explained everything to me perfectly. I gained a deeper understanding of my machine, the dial in process and ways to be more consistent. With Adam's knowledge and chilled attitude, it was the perfect environment to learn in. To describe the experience in one photo:

    Great to learn at home in order to make the best with your own equipment

    I like nice coffee and have decent espresso making kit at home, but I was frustrated with my lack of consistency in pulling tasty espresso. I was also going through lots of (expensive) coffee beans trying to "dial in" the perfect grind and dose. I had considered attending group lessons but when I noticed Adam's classes "at home" I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to learn on my own equipment rather than on professional kit in a cafe. I'm really happy with the results - better, more consistent espresso (well trending towards that), less wastage of beans and an appreciation of subtle differences between coffee types, roasts and their flavours. We covered a little milk foaming and beginner steps in latte art, but that wasn't the primary focus of the session... I'll keep practising! Thanks Adam.

    Couldn't be happier

    Adam thought me last week at my home and not only was it such an interesting time it was lots of fun too.
    I would make lattes at home previously but not always with success and my latte art was more cloud watching, and the improvement this class has given me has been fantastic.
    We covered troubleshooting the shots and puck prep, we fixed my steam wand placement, the amounts of coffee and milk I used and so much more that led to me one week later at home on my own pouring a tulip in my milk opposed to what used to be a mix of cloud watching and if I was lucky an onion (meant to be a heart).
    Adam was a great teacher and I'd definitely recommend this workshop to anyone considering it!

    5 star training!

    A year after getting my Linea Mini I made contact with Adam to arrange an at home training course to try and progress and improve my skills, and it did not disappoint!
    Adam went through all aspects of espresso making and onto latte art with me, he vastly improved my knowledge on all areas!
    Adam is knowledgeable, and obviously very passionate about coffee! He is relaxed and patient, making the course good fun as well as educational!
    I would highly recommend this course to everyone wanting to push their knowledge and skills to the next level.